Irrepressible, loud, direct, fuzzed out — Stuyedeyed are an unhinged skull rattling atop a spine, snapping to intensity and directing your attention to our reality, right now. 

Originating in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Stuyedeyed (pronounced sty’d - eyed) cultivate an unfettered attitude in their music to embolden the disenfranchised to challenge the status quo. 

These songs speak to the experiences of singer and songwriter Nelson Antonio Hernandez-Espinal and are brought to life with bassist Humberto Genão, drummer Luis Ruelas, and guitarist George Ramirez. 

Broadcasting a riotous energy to the important dialogues of our time in a tumultuous yet carefully articulated sonic wave that emanates resilience. Stuyedeyed depicts the experiences of being young Latinxs in a “New York-for-some” bubble. With rhythm, aggression, conviction, and cut teeth, they slash through a thick curtain of anxiety and depravity with urgency. 

Their latest EP, Moments of Terribleness, captures notions of self-identity and assimilation in a targeted, experimental explosion. These songs deconstruct what is “Cool” and memorialize our vanity in an era of individualism.

Their challenge is to expose vulnerability, to swim in it and understand that in those deep waters, there is comfort. And if anything they are there with you, in every recording and at every show. Their message is simple. “No one is cool. No one is important.”