The debut record explores this moment: Having nothing and being on the precipice of everything.

Stuy is seeking label services and partnerships to support the release of our debut album, along with agents to book shows across the US and Europe. Our full length record was recorded this spring by Jeff Berner and Nelson Espinal at Studio G in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Listen to LP1 below. Learn about our community. See where we’ve been, and where we want to go. 

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The band’s story began in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn where singer/guitarist Nelson Antonio Hernandez-Espinal grew up and later met bassist Humberto Genão, guitarist Precincts, drummers Luis Ruelas and Jhonny Nunez. Stuy formed as a critique of their gentrifying neighborhood and grew into an evaluation of ego and self-identity in their debut EP, Moments of Terribleness.


“All I Know Is Fear” Merch

Sold out series of hand stamped limited edition cassette tapes with universal handcuff key, and 32gb USB with community resources, zine, and unreleased sessions and songs from time in quarantine.

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Moments of Terribleness

Near-capacity release show at Rough Trade, followed by live premiere at Lot Radio, with limited edition vinyl hand-poured and pressed by the band members themselves.

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Dr. Martens Presents

“All I Know Is Fear” single released through livestreamed performance and mini doc for the Dr. Martens Presents series.

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150% Fan Conversion Rate on Streaming

High fan conversion percentages indicate converting short-term listeners to long-term followers and is calculated by dividing followers by monthly listeners. A rate of 100% would indicate an ideal 1:1 relationship where every listener followed.

10x Reach / Follower Ratio

Calculated by taking total monthly listeners and dividing by followers, a high ratio (5+) means high probability for discovery. 

2 Sold Out Releases: 
Proven fan investment through two sold out merch campaigns solely through organic marketing (unpaid).

Community-first ethos is growing active listener interest based on live performances while driving merch sales to a higher average than most venue fee’s on recent support tour. 


Stuy has toured most of Northern America accumulating 33K listeners, 300K streams, and 10K active fans with two EPs.

Key Streaming Cities:
- Atlanta
- Chicago
- Columbus
- Denver
- Detroit
- Los Angeles
- Nashville
- Philadelphia
- Seattle

Top Performing Cities:
- Austin
- Chicago
- New York
- Philadelphia
- Richmond

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Spring 2022 direct support for Post Animal’s record release tour:

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  - Los Angeles
- Portland
- San Diego

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- Sheffield

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